Thursday, February 15, 2007

What do you think?

There has been some discussion about how to view the ideas that are coming in.

Do you want me to post one a day? Do you want to see them as they come in in blog format?

It's your site. What do you think?


IlliniPundit said...

As I told one of your political flunkies, I'd like to see them all posted as soon as you can screen them (to pull out the obviously unserious suggestions). I'd like each idea to have its own page for commenting by the public. And I'd like the list to be sorted by topic, and searchable.

And I'd like a feed, so that we can subscribe to be notified when new ideas are posted.

Anonymous said...

I agree. Each page should have its own page for comments. How about the ability to vote for suggestions, allowing the best ones to bubble up to the top?

Anonymous said...

i agree also the ability to start a idea. not just go along with whats on the site..

Anonymous said...

voting would be nice

Anonymous said...

It would be great if each idea could have an area below it for voting. Then you wouldn't have to post one every few days; we could view and vote on all of them.
Sorting the ideas by topic sounds great, but it's really impossible to do. Some ideas cross areas, some are hard to place under a topic. So why not just browse and view or skip? Funny how people don't want to exert any effort on their own but want EVERYTHING made easy for them.
I don't think you need a subscription to be notified for new ideas. If you're an interested citizen, you just check in. A changing heading about number of ideas would be good: "currently x # of ideas." A viewer would know if there were a new one. And, by just placing them in order of arrival, you'd always know to go to the last one, rather than scrolling through all kinds of topics to find the new one.
A page for each idea would be good, but some don't take up a page and I wonder about memory, etc to create individual pages.
There should also be a time limit. I don't want to see these same ideas in 6 months. Maybe posting an idea for x days or months, then tabulating votes and the top 20 or 25 staying on and the rest going to archives?