Saturday, February 17, 2007

Ideas are up

We've posted the ideas we've received so far on the webpage. click here to view them.

View them, think about them and then come back here and discuss.


IlliniPundit said...

Now you should allow comments and/or voting on each idea.

And use a feed for the ideas themselves, so that we can subscribe and be notified when you post new ideas.

Anonymous said...

I am a single mother residing in Lake County and I am thrilled with our community school district. I do not mind paying my property taxes because those are the taxes in which I receive the greatest return on my investment. A quality education for my children provided by local public schools in which I can participate in, a quality community with a village providing open meetings in which I can attend if I wish, etc. I would much rather have my dollars spent locally than placed in a big hole in Springfield in which I see virtually no return on my investment.