Friday, February 23, 2007

Completely ban nepotism?

In the Voting Booth Now

Say No to Nepotism
by John Murphy

A prohibition on hiring relatives of elected officials. If an elected official doesn't understand that using their office to enrich their family sends the wrong message, they can probably justify anything.

I support this idea I am not in favor of this idea


Only one vote per elected official family please...


Bob Schmidt said...

Regardless of political party, the same "family" has dominated the Secretary of State's office for all the time I've been in Illinois. Think of "family" as in Marlon Brando's "family".

So would this apply to one's biological family only? Or to one's family of loyalty?

Anonymous said...

Public office is supposed to be public service. It would send a strong message if our elected officials stood behing legislation that would stop them from using their votes to enrich their families.